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Iquitos: big city in the middle of the Amazon jungle. Interesting town and the starting point for travels into the jungle. The town is known for the tiled houses from the time of the rubber run. Very interesting also the floating city of Belem, here you also can see a small specimen of the magnificent floating “water lily”
We have been at the Sinchicuy Amazon Lodge. The program containt a visit to Indians with blow pipes, a medicine man and village with a small animal park and the demonstration of sugar cane pressing. We have been there at the end of the rainy season and hence experienced of rainy days in the rain forest, so we know what rain forest really means. So we had not the full program, e.g. Piranha fishing was not possible.
Hotel Victoria Regia
Sinchicuy Amazon Lodge (Paseos Amazónicos Jungle Lodges)
The guide  had an excellent knowledge on history, tribes, culture, fauna and flora.
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