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A travel to Peru 2006

hints, experiences, information

About 30 years ago we have already been in Peru ( 1973 and 1977). We had a wonderful time and excursions all over the country, collecting algae and mosses. Now about 30 years later, it was time to visit some friends and to see what changed in the country. However, this time it was a touristic travel only, less strenuous but on the other hand we had been only on places of touristic interest.
Our travel tour: Lima-Trujillo-Arequipa-Puno-Cuzco-Machu Picchu-Iquitos.

Flight to Peru:

not recommended: Lan Chile and OneWorld alliance (bad service, consumer adversary, mysogenic, detailed information in preparation)
recommended: e.g. Lufthansa and star alliance (good service, consumer friendly)

Travel agency in Peru:
Warning for Inkavasi, unbelievable bad arrangements, plenty of errors, wrong reservations, wrong dates, changing of hotel reservations without information (downgrading!) and heavily overpriced, e.g. a train ticket to Machu Picchu was calculated with 320 US $ for the Hiram Bingham train, but we got the tickets and also used the Vistadome train (price: 105 US$). For free transfer from airport to hotel by hotel bus Inkavasi requested 15 US$ (detailed and long list of mismanagement in preparation).

Recommended (extremely helpful!) the Peruvian tourist informations and assistance service (iperu).

There are several offices on the Lima airport (and other big airports) and in all towns of touristic interest. You can get any information regarding traveling in Peru and if you have trouble with hotels, travel companies or others travel problems, you can get competent help. Try it!


Flights in Peru:
Lan Peru: no good service and common delays up to 6 hours! There are several other Peruvian airlines which are usually cheaper, but we have no experience with these airlines. But we know that they arrived in time e.g. in Iquitos (Lima-Iquitos), while Lan Peru had at the same time for the same connection a delay of about 6 hours.

Take a note that you have to pay airport tax each time you fly from a Peruvian airport!

Trains in Peru:
Machu Picchu you reach only by train (or walking the Inka trail). The other active train line is Puno-Cuzco. All informations on PeruRail including timetable and prices are here.

We visited the following cities/areas:

We also have a separate Chapter especially about orchids: photo gallery.

Mail: letters or postcards to Europe 6.50 Soles (about 1,5 Euro, 2 US$). Apparently all our mails arrived after about 14 days (thrown in into the letter boxes at the main post offices)

Recommended: in Arequipa, Cuzco, Puno, Aguas Calientes, Iquitos (but not in Trujillo) it was possible to tranfer your photos from digital camera to hard discs, very useful for security!

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