To Lake Titicaca you can go by bus or by plan. We choose the flight and it was exciting, because we passed close by a vulcan, which erupted few days ago and was still active. Also nice view to the Las Salinas and the beautiful landscape of the Andes.

Puno: the airport is in Juliaca, about 60 km from Puno. Juliaca is not a historical city and ugly and dangerous (and without hotels of internatinal standard). Therefor continue immediatly to Puno. The eity ofPuno has not much to offer (cathedral, small museum) but it is starting point for tours on Lake Titicaca. A must is a tour to the Uros and their floating villages and also recommended to the island ..... (we used travel agency .....: recommended)
Hotel Placa Mayor: Free coca tea in the reception hall (should be helpful against altitude sickness.
Restaurant: ...highly recommended, excellent food but cheap!

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